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Fair Trade Practices
We partner with small family businesses in California and Bali.

About Us

We love travel, and derive immense inspiration from learning about art and life in general from our global community.  In an attempt to simplify and support sustainable environmental  practices, we have also enjoyed working with a family of tailors we can ride our bikes to, here in California, using an organic cotton and sustainably harvested bamboo blend. 

Wherever we produce, whether at home in California or at the homes of the artists and craftspeople we work with in Bali, we are closely and personally connected to the process, ensuring and improving their conditions with respect to our entire team’s health and happiness.  Our children are friends, we laugh together, we create together, and we learn together.  

One of the most amazing things we’ve learned in Bali is how, in order for any of us to flourish on all the levels that make life worthwhile, business must always take a back seat to traditional spiritual rituals and the needs of family.  The order of priority in Balinese culture is spirit first, then family (especially children), with traditional art forms and business bringing up the rear.  It’s quite refreshing to engage in this dynamic collaboration that enhances our quality of life on so many levels, and satisfying when we can bring our ever-increasing environmental awareness to the production practices of this precious island culture.

We are deliberatly small, choosing quality over quantity.  Our choices, every step of the way, are driven by our commitment to balanced success.  Balanced success must include respect for our co-workers, for the artistic process, for the earth, for our families, and for those of you who expect and deserve high quality clothing imbued with integrity.  Our clothing lasts.  It inspires joyful, creative play.  It feels good to wear.  We invite you to join our extended tribe of people who understand how good it feels to work and play in balance.  Thanks for visiting Gypsy Monkey.