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We Partner with small family businesses in California and Bali.

Organic Natural Pantaloons




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Organic Natural Pantaloons

Starting at $ 52.00

Trim will vary from batch to batch, just to keep it interesting.  But the trims are chosen for their exceptional beauty and similar feel to what is pictured here.

Organic cotton, bamboo and lycra.

Note to grownups:  The exceptional value for the children’s sizes lies in their surprising longevity, even as the child grows. Getting short? These are great at ankle-length, mid-calf, or knee length. They’ve simply become bloomers instead of pantaloons. Tightening waistband? Extend it with the simple removal of the elastic, after which the lycra will serve to keep them comfortably snug. Stains on the off-white fabric? They dye beautifully, adding new color and excitement to the same well-loved pants.