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We partner with small family businesses in California and Bali.

People I would like to thank!

Many special thanks and props go to the following people and businesses whose dedication to quality and success helped my website and business to make it before your eyes so magnificently:

Raspberry Media:

Creative professionals who have specialized in supreme-quality web design since the birth of the genre, Josh Woodlander and Ethan Thomas Allen provide the expert guidance and service required to become highly visible and accessible through the internet. Their expertise and myriad of tools masterfully facilitate their clients' highest goals for defining themselves and generating business online. Visit them online at www.RaspberryMedia.com to learn more, or contact them at their "Green" Florence Street Lofts office in Sebastopol, California, located at 7385 Healdsburg Ave. Suite 202, (707) 824-8235.

BirdTree Associates:

Loring Vogel is a programmer who goes the extra mile to ensure a positive outcome for clients whose projects he undertakes. His work on our shopping cart here at Gypsy Monkey was high-touch, high-communication and logically sound. We couldn't recommend him more highly for any of your commercial programming needs. Lvogel@BirdTree.com

Helen Lentze:

Helen provided the kind of expert photo editing and logo coneptualizing that any business would flourish under. Her care and attention to detail surpassed any of our hopes and expectations, raising the bar on what we could hope for in terms of a clean and professional image aesthetic. We thank our lucky stars to have had the benefit of her perfectionism while she not only birthed the concept and vision of our site but also went to great lengths to execute it with timely efficiency during her time with Raspberry Media.

Andrew Ellis:

Andrew possesses the stamina and skill required to photograph whatever serves the good of those he is in contact with. From his humanistic documentary on landmines in Cambodia "The Still Killing Fields" to his tedious hours spent capturing crisp, bright, vivid images of our products, he is a professional with heart and soul. www.stillkillingfields.org

Sequoia Emmanuelle Photography:

We were able to work with Sequoia Emmanuelle, bi-coastal high-art portrait and product photographer, out of sheer happenstance and luck. Without ever having photographed children for product shots before, she calmly managed to provide the perfect conditions in which our group of four spirited, highly active children was able to frolic AND focused, yielding dramatic and dynamic results. She has the composure of a pro and the courage and can-do approach of an artistic frontier adventurer. And that describes her work before she even gets started with the digitally mystical manipulations that characterize many of her images. With this in mind, we encourage you to take some moments to peruse her exciting online portfolio when you're ready to indulge in adult eye-candy. www.sequoiaemmanuelle.com

Cindy Sims Fine Art Photography:

A delight to work with, Cindy specializes in classy and ethereal portraiture using real cameras and actual film. Yep, folks, she's an old-school virtuoso. She agreed to do a series of portraits needed for our website at very short notice, and every step of our work together was characterized by ease and clarity of communication. Cindy works out of her studio in Graton, California, but enjoys composing her portraiture in a variety of natural settings and human habitats. She periodically teaches workshops in photograping fine art nudes. www.CindySims.com (707)753-0744