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Fair Trade Practices
We partner with small family businesses in California and Bali.

Fellow Artists

If you like Gypsy Monkey, there's a good chance you'll find plenty to love from the following group of artists and businesses we're lucky enough to call our friends, contemporaries, and inspirations. Interesting work from wonderful people....who can resist that combination? We find that what sets these folks apart are their ethical business practices, originality and total commitment to high-caliber work. Only the best for you, folks. Check 'em out.


Phoenix Rising Designs:

If you've found yourself wishing Gypsy Monkey stretch-batik wear was made for grown-ups, you're in for a treat! Phoenix Rising is our sister company, literally, and provides a large range of men's and women's garments that brighten up the fashion landscape and give it some soul. Phoenix Rising not only specializes in adult stretch batik designs in the same high-quality materials as ours, but they take it to the next level with their tasteful array of hip, eclectic, lovingly-conceived and artfully-produced wear-ables for men and women. www.PhoenixRisingArtists.com

Whitney Smith Pottery:

We have long been active admirers of Whitney's delicate and deceptively effortless grace that she brings the world in chic ceramic form. Botanical, arts and craft-era-esque, and masterfully fabulous, her work is a privilege to behold and possess. www.WhitneySmithPottery.com

Asli Designs:

This collection features dreamy couture leather-work garments unlike anything you've seen. Each piece is hand-rendered by this original, unique artist and carries with it a sense of possibility and undeniable interest. Fanciful, edgy and other-wordly, this body of work does not disappoint. www.AsliDesigns.com

Sophie's Market:

Lael Stimming works with the most socially and environmentally-conscious companies in Europe to bring you a large selection of soft, naturally-fibered, second-skin-quality warmies (especially silk and wool) for children and adults. Her under-layers are a winning option to be worn with Gyspy Monkey clothing in particular. The children in our lives can attest to this combination's comforting qualities! Lael@SophiesMarket.com

Melodia Designs:

Specializing in ultra-hip and dance-able women's clothing, Melodia has been rocking the world of many a dynamic woman for years now. Beware...her pants are addictive! Dancers all over the world have fallen under their spell and are clamoring for more. www.MelodiaDesigns.com

Leom Designs:

Leom Designs is a Santa Cruz based operation that features soft, durable, whimsically sculptural garments. Visit the site for an entertainingly creative journey into the imagination of it's founder, Margo Leom, and see how many ways there are to wrap yourself in rich textures and warmth! www.LeomDesigns.com

Destee-Nation Shirt Co.:

Destee-Nation Shirt Co. achieves a worthy goal with it's fresh approach to success...win-win, baby. This impressive team collects authentic t-shirts from cultural icons and independent businesses along the West Coast and Hawaii and amplifies their classic attributes for the whole world to see. Great t-shirts, great vision, great people. Real shirts from Real Places. www.Desteenation.com

Nell Hergenrather:

Nell burns the midnight oil regularly to bring you her charmingly jaded and animated imagery in painting and sculptural form. Modern and edgy, her aesthetic is also decidedly cartoon-ish enough to be accessible to admirers of any age. www.NellHergenrather.com

Paper Organics:

Lovely jewelry for the hair and body with a fresh, organic, sculptural twist! www.PaperOrganics.com


Desiree Janisse's tribal style features sexy, eclectic clothing and costumes with an urban flair. www.NomadicDesire.com


Organic scrumptiousness in clothing form. Hand-produced in Oregon out of the finest, cutting-edge eco-fibers, these threads look good and feel even better. www.XylemClothing.com

Rock N' Socks:

These eco-fashion sock revolutionaries have something for everyone in their fresh and fun collection of footwear. They'll keep you coming back for more, for sure. www.RocknSocks.net

Cara Ucci:

Flouncy, pouncy, classy, playful threads and baubles with an international sophistication...this is what you'll find if you're lucky enough to meet this designer selling her wares at the numerous fairs she frequents, or if you can find one of her retail distributors while she's away making more. For a taste, visit www.CaraUcci.com

Sarah's Silks:

A standard in the world of high quality toys that maximize imaginative play, Sarah's Silks are a favorite of ours. www.SarahsSilks.com

Damestar Baby:

Super-fun kiddo clothing in which classic meets modern with hand-made, mama-powered pizazz. www.DamestarBaby.com


For anyone who's ever wanted to be a real carpet-bagger, a visit to peruse the wares of this custom bag company will be a joy. Sturdy and beautiful, these tapestry bags will appeal to the Mary Poppins in everyone. www.Zetiquette.net


A glorious, international online handmade emporium you can get lost in for hours. It invites us all on an inspirational, empowering journey as artists and appreciators of human artistic brilliance. www.Etsy.com


Children's retailers we love:

Siobhan Van Winkle:

Siobhan offers up her mama-powered, ever-original "Funk-Art" at her delightfully wacky shop location at 6371 Telegraph Ave, in Oakland, California. It's well-worth a visit for the colorful imprint it will leave on your life. If you can't find a way to make it there in person, you can always get a little taste of what she's up to at www.Funk-Art.com

Earth Child:

An expansive shop in Sebastopol, California, full of top picks in the way of high-quality tools for imaginative play, with an emphasis on Waldorf education, lifestyle and sensibilities. Enjoy their shop at 200 S. Main St., #110, in Sebastopol, California, (707)824-0940, or visit www.EarthChildonline.com

Wee Three Children's Store:

High-Variety and quality boutique in Santa Rosa, California at 1007 College Avenue. (707)525-9333, www.WeeThreeChildrensStore.com

Kids Only:

A fabulous and daring collection of children's wares at 1608 Haight St, San Francisco, California (415)552-5445