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Here is what some happy customers have to say about their Gypsy Monkey clothing.

So, everybody changed clothes once the mail came, slept in the gear and woke to rock them some more! Everything's awesome, Jill. You rock.

-Joya R., Pasadena, California

My three kids are very active, so it's important that they're comfortable and can move freely in their clothes. But they also love to look cool -- and their Gypsy Monkey clothes are the coolest ever, plus the most comfortable! I love them because they wear like iron. I've washed these clothes dozens of times and they are still as bright and beautiful as the day we bought them. We love Gypsy Monkey clothes!

- Beth Leuchten, Boulder, CO

When I saw the beautiful angel wing shirt, I knew I had to buy it for my 4 year-old son Caiden. It is not only a stunning piece of art, it perfectly captures the moment he is in right now, bridging angelic innocence and his flight into kinder garden and the big boy world...I know I will keep and cherish it always. Thank you Jill! XOXO

-Meegan Lee Ochs, Mill Valley, CA

I love my super stylish Gypsy Monkey bloomers (2 types). They make me happy to wear them and people are always stopping me on the street to compliment me on them and ask from whence they came.

-Paetra Tauchert, Sebastopol, CA

I had baby pilot caps in deep blue and brown with wings on the sides for my twins when they were born. Not only did these caps last through several growing spurts and ages (almost the whole first year; although admittedly I was squeezing them on at the end because I wasn't ready to give them up!), they seemed to be the softest thing I ever put on my boys. They looked like little woodland faeries about to take flight, or tumble around in their giant crocus. I've since handed them down to a friend who tells me that of all the things they've been given, the hats are the faves, by far.

-Krista Lindgren, Seattle, Washington

I love giving these clothing items for gifts. Kids love them and I know they are made with quality in mind. I like that this business supports others in our world.

-Susie, Redondo Beach, CA

I love wearing my cream colored organic stretch pants with ruffled bottoms. First, they are extremely comfortable. Second, I am proud to support 'organic' and the art of such a groovy, authentic & beautiful (soul, heart, face, body ~ all of her) woman. Third, whenever I am out wearing my pantaloons I get many many comments from strangers, all which basically say 'those look so good on you, they are so fun, unique & interesting; where can I get a pair of my own?' There ought to be no hesitation. Having a pair of Gypsy Monkey's organic stretch pantaloons is a must have for every creative and at least mildly bold woman's wardrobe.

-Shyama, Anusara Inspired Yoga Teacher, Mother, Wife, Friend, Sebastopol, CA

Ahh, stars on sunshine yellow. Happiness in pant form! My little boy can't get enough of your pants. Every day is special when he gets to wear your lovelies! I'm so glad we splurged on three pairs! Thanks so much!

Flames on your legs! Man oh man, my kid couldn't be more thrilled! He's the coolest kid on the block in these . . . I think John Travolta may be jealous!

Just charming. My son loves them and they fit perfectly. Really. They are lovely and super fun!

- Wendy, Silver Spring, Maryland

"My girls have enjoyed all of their pieces from Gypsy Monkey. The fabric is wonderfully soft. Every stitch and seam has held up over, literally, hundreds of washings (they get passed down from oldest child to youngest). Even after several years, the colours and designs look bright and fresh. They are definitely wardrobe favourites!"

-Tinuviel P., Santa Rosa, California

"We have loved everything we have bought from Gypsy Monkey; they fit better, look better, and outlast all our kids other clothes. My son wanted an outfit to dress up in originally, but now he wears the pants and shirt all the time. The fabric is slightly elastic, so the pants and shirts fit really nicely. The colors are amazing - really bright and bold, and they don't seem to fade at all with washing. The hats are fun, too. People are always commenting on my son and daughter's outfits. We'll definitely be coming back for more as our children get bigger."

-Sam, Sacramento, California

Julia loves her fish scale pants and the pilot hat that matches is one of her all time favorites... she is very choosy about the hats she will wear and this one she sleeps in. The helmet has to be the best prop we have in our toy box.. all of Julia's friends are envious and strangers comment on the cute factor constantly!! Thanks Jill for your creative brilliance!

-Christine Jenkins, Santa Rosa, California

"Gypsy Monkey Clothing are wonderful! From the vibrant colors, beautifully artistic designs, to the sumptuous, durable fabrics, my family can't stop wearing them! My 6 year old son wears his dragon pants to bed because he doesn't want to take them off. My 3 year old is begging for his own pair of dragons to match his brother's.

As a plus size mama of 2 active boys, I was overjoyed to be asked to be a fit model for the ruffled leggings. Since I first got to try them on, they are all I ever wanted to wear. I actually have to stop myself from pulling them on each morning. And oh, when they need to be washed, woe is me!

Buy anything from Gypsy Monkey Clothing and you will be saving your pennies to buy more!"

- Sue Deane, Sebastopol, CA

Stylish, fun, and comfy clothes that Anya and Owen love to wear...: )

-Wendy, Sebastopol, California

There are so many reasons why we love Gypsy Monkey clothing. The fabric is unique, stylish, and adorable on children. We only have one pair of childrens pants I bought 3 years ago for my first son and now my second son wears them frequently. They still look like new, even after many washings, and they have not even been able to put holes in the knees like many of their other pants. Plus, supporting a small socially responsible company makes us more responsible consumers.

-Kristie Cole, Santa Rosa, California

"My daughter Zephyra lives in Gypsy Monkey pants! Their unique design and bright colors are not only eye-catching but fun too. They really are the "coolest " pants a kid could have. Zephyra is an active 8 year-old, always climbing and running around. I am happy to say that her pants have passed the wear and tear test. They look just as good today as when we got them over a year ago. I feel good that my daughter is wearing comfortable clothes made by a small, family run company that uses Fair Trade Practices."

-Lucia Sciarpa, Santa Cruz, California

I can not rave enough about Gypsy Monkey clothing. We have been wearing them since Jill started her company and have yet to wear anything out. My daughter is wearing my son's hand-me-down clothes and the colors are still beautifully vibrant. I would be able to hand them on to smaller children if I were willing to let them go. I appreciate the global perspective that Jill brings to her business model and love being able to support a thoughtful, conscientious, local business person. I am thrilled that there are well-made, natural-fiber clothes out there that inspire my children's imaginations and encourage dress-up and creative play equally appealing to any gender.

-Galadriel Nicholas, Sonoma County, California

"My three-yr old son LOVES his Gypsy Monkey helmet! It's the perfect dress-up accessory for any occasion (being a superhero at home, out at the grocery store, playdates, etc). It's so lightweight and comfortable, he often wears it for hours. And when it's not on his head it's parked nearby on his bed post, just in case..."

-Adrienne A., Boulder, Colorado

When the Gypsy Monkey clothes come out of the clean laundry they are the first things to be worn. My kids are making these great creative outfits out of the the pants.

-Tahara A., Sebastopol, California

"When I first came across these beautiful pants I wanted a pair for myself. Instead, I bought a pair for my daughter and she named them her dancing pants. I could not get the pants out of my mind though, and finally tracked Jill down and asked her to make me a pair. I love these pants! They are not only super comfortable, but quite flattering no matter what your body shape. You can wear them on their own or underneath other pants or skirts, and they give you an extra bounce in your step. My daughter and I receive numerous compliments whenever and wherever we wear them."

-Georgia K., Sacramento, CA





kids wearing Gypsy Monkey clothing





kids wearing Gypsy Monkey clothing


kids wearing Gypsy Monkey clothing


kids wearing Gypsy Monkey clothing



kids wearing Gypsy Monkey clothing
Georgia K., Sacramento